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Welcome to Robert's Clock Shop. We specialize in sales cleanings and repairs. We work on  Cuckoo Clocks, Tall Case Clocks and all types of Antique and Vintage Clocks. All work comes with a one year warranty. When you bring your clock to us your clock movement is removed from the case and your clock is fully analyzed. All estimates are free in the shop . We do charge for house calls due to the fact that we are away from the shop. The charge for the house call depends on how far you are from our location.A full service comes with a one year warranty.

Hello to summer and good by to the cold. Unfortunately our mechanical friends can change too. Clocks can gain time and lose time with temperature flux. (Humidity,etc.) Don't be alarmed this is normal. Just a simple change on the rating assembly (the nut on pendulum bob or leaf on the cuckoo clock) will do.Just remember up is fast and down is slow. A minute or two a week is acceptable for a mechanical clock, anything more could be a mechanical fault (worn bushings,scorn pivots,no oil,out of beat,etc)

Are you looking for a clock to purchase. If so come down and take a look at some of the clocks we have.We also will be putting pictures on our web page, Facebook page and on Manta page. Please take a look at some of the products we have to offer. If you have any Questions contact us at (401) 941-0481 or email us at [email protected]

We do house calls for grandfather clocks. House calls depend on how far you are from the clock shop. We will fully analyze your clock. If your grandfather clock needs an overhaul we will bring it to the clock shop. If your clock just needs an oiling we do it at your house. Please call for prices and more information. Call us at 401-941-0481

We also can prepare your grandfather clock to be moved and move it for you. We move grandfather clocks in Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut. We also prepare your clock for the moving company or for you to move. We can set up your grandfather clock. All prices depend upon location. Please call for prices. For more information call us at 401-941-0481

Sun CLOSED, Mon 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tues 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Weds Closed for Scheduled House Calls, Thurs Closed for Scheduled House Calls, Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Sat 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Scheduled House Calls on Saturday after 2:00PM

Business Hours:

We have changed our hours. The store will be Closed on Wednesdays Thursday and Sundays. We will be doing house calls on Wednesdays and  Thursdays and Saturdays after 2:00pm. If you need a house call please call to make an appointment.

373 Elm ST Warwick RI
Robert's Clock Shop clocks for sale
Robert's Clock Shop clock for sale
Are store has clocks for sale in are showroom.If you are looking for a clock to purchase give us a call at401-941-0481 or email us at [email protected]
Robert's Clock Shop clocks for sale

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Your clock is running 24/7.Regular maintenance will continue to keep it running. So come see us for a free estimate 

  The clocks that we do NOT WORK ON is Atmos clocks.  We do not sell or buy watches(wrist, pocket,etc..). 

Your clock should be maintained every three years. We offer clock repair at reasonable prices with a one year warranty.    

Robert's Clock Shop
As the clock is prepared for disassembly, it is inspected for signs of wear and other repair needs. When the lubricant has evaporated your clock will wear out bushings. Bushings wear out when your clock has not been maintained. All components are inspected for signs of wear. We offer cleanings, repairs and sales at reasonable prices. All estimate are free.  All work comes with a one year warranty. Regular maintenance on a clock is done every three years to avoid a major overhaul. We work on 400 Day Anniversary Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks, Tall Case Clocks and all types of Antique and Vintage Clocks. If you have any Questions contact us at (401) 941-0481 or email us at [email protected]

Battery clocks should have there batteries changed once a year. After a year the batteries will sometimes leak acid. Sometimes batteries will not leak, but it is recommended to change your battery in your clock ones a year(same as a smoke detector). Sometimes you can revive the movement by oiling them sometimes you can not. Non-alkaline batteries don't leak acid but don't last as long. Check with the manufacturer first.       

Routine servicing is the maintenance that should be completed on a clock every three years. The movement is removed from the case. It is fully analyzed for wear and tear from the pivots, bushings, or any other parts. When the work is done then the clock is fully oiled, adjusted, and then it goes into testing. Testing is where the running of the movement is checked daily. When testing is complete, the movement is returned to the case where additional testing is done. Some movements test well quickly while other require more patience. When testing is fully complete, then the clock is ready for pick-up or delivery.

An overhaul is a very specific and detailed process for your clock. The movement is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using only clock cleaning solution and is then reassembled. The chime section is synchronized to the strike section and they are then synchronized to the time section and then finally lubricated and adjusted. The clock then goes into the testing phase (see Routine Maintenance for description of testing). Overhauls come with a one year warranty. Please be advised that overhauls are not routine and regular maintenance on your clock.  Excessive dirt or dust,use of central air, and even exposure to open windows can add to the frequency of an overhaul.

A restoration is a rebuilding of the existing movement. It's required when a clock, after running a long period of time without service. These parts are usually bushings (bearings). The worn bushings will be drilled out and a new one made to replace it. Once the repairs are made then the clock receives testing time.It's warranted for a year. Although it is the original movement it will work like new.