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As the clock is prepared for disassembly, it is inspected for signs of wear and other repair needs. When the lubricant has evaporated your clock will wear out bushings. Bushings wear out when your clock has not been maintained. All components are inspected for signs of wear. We offer cleanings, repairs and sales at reasonable prices. All estimate are free. All work comes with a one year warranty. Regular maintenance on a clock is done every three years to avoid a major overhaul. We work on 400 Day Anniversary Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks, Tall Case Clocks and all types of Antique and Vintage Clocks. If you have any Questions contact us at (401) 369-5034 or email us at [email protected]





Routine servicing is the maintenance that should be completed on a clock every three years. The movement is removed from the case. It is fully analyzed for wear and tear from the pivots, bushings, or any other parts. When the work is done then the clock is fully oiled, adjusted, and then it goes into testing. Testing is where the running of the movement is checked daily. When testing is complete, the movement is returned to the case where additional testing is done. Some movements test well quickly while other require more patience. When testing is fully complete, then the clock is ready for pick-up or delivery.





An overhaul is a very specific and detailed process for your clock. The movement is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using only clock cleaning solution and is then reassembled. The chime section is sychronized to the strike section and they are then synchronized to the time section and then finally lubricated and adjusted. The clock then goes into the testing phase (see Routine Maintenance for description of testing). Overhauls come with a one year warranty. Please be advised that overhauls are not routine and regular maintenance on your clock. Excessive dirt or dust,use of central air, and even exposure to open windows can add to the frequency of an overhaul.





A restoration is a rebuilding of the existing movement. It's required when a clock, after running a long period of time without service. These parts are usually bushings (bearings). The worn bushings will be drilled out and a new one made to replace it. Once the repairs are made then the clock receives testing time.It's warranted for a year. Although it is the original movement it will work like new

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Reply Nancy Northup
9:41 AM on March 23, 2015 
I have a coocoo clock that a child walked by and yanked the chain(weight) and the chain came right out.
I did not try to fix it,but boxed it up and put it away. Is that something that you can repair?
Reply robert
10:43 AM on March 24, 2015 
Hi thank you for your post. We do repair cuckoo clocks. We can take a look to see what we can do to repair it for you.
Reply Deb Pearl
1:07 PM on October 2, 2017 
My grandma has a really old clock that she would love to get fixed and repaired! That is nice that she can get it repaired! I know she would be really happy about that. I didn't know that clocks should have maintenance done every three years too. I will have to tell my grandma! Thanks for the information!

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